SMS Marketing

Short Message Service or SMS marketing is fast becoming the most effective yet affordable method to target interested subscribers. If you are looking to launch your text message marketing campaign that has proven to be very effective yet affordable in today’s marketing landscape then Total Mobile Solutions is the perfect solution that will allow you to do this. Our platform comes with a very easy and intuitive web-based UI and has many advanced SMS marketing features that businesses need to create and manage their campaigns. Here are some reasons why your business or organization needs to start using SMS marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

  • Affordable - SMS Marketing is very affordable, by that we mean cents per message!
  • High ROI – In line with being affordable and 95% of SMS messages getting opened and read, it’s easy to see why this form of marketing is fast becoming the best way to reach your customers.
  • Deliverability - No need to worry about email filters. Text messages arrive instantly and successfully.
  • Very High Open Rates – SMS messages are opened 95% of the time.
  • Permission-based – Customers have to opt-in to join your subscriber list. They are giving you permission to send them deals and engage with them. This is what makes SMS marketing very effective.
  • Direct - a SMS message is direct and to the point since it’s limited to only 160 characters. We said that 95% of messages are opened and read and this is why.
  • Availability - Almost everyone has a mobile phone and what better way to reach your customers.
  • ManageAs with all our platforms if our customers decides to manage there own campaign we have a custom CMS making managing for our customers easy!