Email Marketing

 Email remains one of the go-to forms of communication in the Business world. Email is expected grow at an average annual growth rate of about 5% over the next four years, and reach over 1.1 billion by the end of 2017. Email marketing provides you with the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales, which is why the most savvy online marketers will continue with this powerful marketing tool for years to come. Using e-mail to market your business or organization makes sense. Here are the biggest reasons why you want to start using e-mail or continue to take advantage of it:

  • Cost Effective: It doesn't cost much to send
  • Ease of Use: Our e-mail system is not difficult to use
  • Targeting: You can segment who you want to send to
  • Drives Direct Sales: E-mails do lead to sales
  • Quick Response Times: People respond fairly fast
  • Build Relationships, Loyalty & Trust: You’re always on your prospect’s mind
  • Track Results: It’s easy to see what works and what doesn't